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Discover Glo'Guard!

Glo'Guard, the patent-pending superstar of Glo'rific, is here to revolutionize your tanning routine. Tired of the dreaded oompa-loompa palms? Glo'Guard is your trusty sidekick, expertly crafted to prevent unwanted tanning mishaps

Glo Gard is a tanning spray protector designed to create a barrier on the skin, preventing uneven absorption of the tanning solution

It protects your hands from the Tan Spray.

With Glo'Guard, your tan stays on your skin not on your palms, ensuring a flawless glow. 

Dive into the world of Glo'rific and let Glo'Guard be your secret to a perfect tan.

Tan Right  & Shine Bright with Glo'rific.

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