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Glo'Guard Hands - Say goodbye to spray tan hands

Introducing Glo’Guard Hands: Your Ultimate Tan-Saver!


Tired of dealing with spray tan hands or the frustration of orange palms of hands post-tanning? Stop Google searching how to get spray tan off hands! We've got you covered - Literally.


Why choose Glo’Guard Hands?


No more oompa-loompa hands! Our flagship product, Glo’Guard, is your go-to solution for preserving your palms' natural glow for hand. We've mastered the art of spray tan protection, so you can flaunt that sun-kissed radiance without the telltale orange aftermath.


Key Features:


  • Stain-Proof Magic: Glo’Guard's innovative design shields your hands from those stubborn tan stains, ensuring that your tan stays where it belongs – on your body!
  • Superior Comfort: Made from the softest material, Glo’Guard Hands feels like a second skin. Stick it on and forget you're even using it.
  • Snap-Worthy: Get ready for flawless selfies and TikTok-worthy moments, thanks to Glo’Guard Hands and those flawless palms!
  • Disposable for easy clean up!


Join the Glo’rific revolution and embrace the future of sunless tanning!


Get your Glo’Guard Hands today & Say goodbye to Spray Tan Hands and hello to a solution for those pesky orange palms of hands. Let your tan shine, while your palms stay pristine. Don't miss out on the trend – be #GloFabulous with Glo’rific!


*Patent Pending | *colors may vary

Glo'Guard Hands - Goodbye Spray Tan Hands!

    1. Peel off backing
    2. Stick small part to thumb
    3. Form to thumb
    4. Stick larger part to palm with fingers spread
    5. Spray without worry!
  • No returns or refunds will be offered on used products.

    Thank you!

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