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Say Goodbye to Orange Palms: Glo’rifics Solution to Spray Tan Hands

Achieving a sun-kissed glow with a spray tan is a popular choice for those seeking a bronzed complexion without the harmful effects of UV exposure. However, even the most seasoned tanners can fall victim to a common mistake – including the dreaded orange palms. In this blog post, we'll explore this specific spray tan mishap and introduce Glo’Guard, the ultimate solution designed exclusively for palm protection.

The Culprit: Orange Palms

One of the telltale signs of a poorly executed spray tan is the unmistakable orange tint on the palms. Traditional methods often leave individuals with stained hands, as the palms tend to absorb excess tanning solution, creating an unsightly contrast to the desired tan. This common mistake has caused frustration for many clients.

Glo’Guard to the Rescue

Enter Glo’Guard - a revolutionary product crafted to address the issue of orange palms after sunless tanning. Unlike generic barrier creams or gloves, Glo’Guard is designed exclusively for palm and finger protection. It's material acts as a shield, preventing the absorption of excess tanning solution and leaving your palms unstained.

How Glo’Guard Works Its Magic

Glo’Guard’s innovative design ensures a perfect fit to the hand, creating a barrier that effectively blocks the spray tan solution from reaching and staining the palms. This targeted approach allows for a worry-free tan application, ensuring that your hands remain free of any orange tint.

Embrace a Flawless Tan with Glo’Guard

For those who have experienced the frustration of orange palms during sunless tanning, Glo’Guard emerges as a game-changer. Bid farewell to stained hands and confidently embrace a flawless tan with our dedicated palm protectors. With Glo’Guard, spray tan enthusiasts can now enjoy a seamless application process, free from the worry of unwanted discoloration on the hands. Say goodbye to orange palms and hello to a perfect tan with Glo’Guard.

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