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Behind The Scenes: A Glimpse into the Journey of Preventing Spray Tan Hands

A glimpse into glo'rific and Glo'Guard - spray tan hands

Hey there, I'm Brooke—the proud creator and owner of Glo'rific. Let me take you on a journey on how Glo'rific was born.

I kicked off my nursing adventure back in 2015, since I've explored a variety of specialties like clinics, pediatrics, long-term care, and even some managment. But, for the past two years, you'll find me hustling in the high-energy chaos of an emergency room at a level I trauma center. It's a job that requires resilience, compassion, and quick thinking, but it was in the midst of this intensity that I stumbled upon a different kind of challenge.

In 2020, I found myself venturing into the world of spray tanning, seeking a perfect glow for special events. Little did I know that my quest for the perfect tan would spark the creation of something extraordinary. Frustrated with the inevitable orange palms that often accompanied my spray tan sessions, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

three celebrities with bad spray tan hands - orange palms

The Creation of Glo'Guard - Spray Tan Hands

I began crafting a solution at home, resulting in what is now known as Glo'Guard—the flagship product of Glo'rific. This patent-pending accessory is designed to do one thing exceptionally well: prevent those pesky orange palms that can overshadow a flawless tan.

As I used my creation at the local tanning salon, I was inundated with questions from curious onlookers who wanted to know where they could get their hands on a Glo'Guard. It was then that I realized I wasn't the only one facing this tanning dilemma, and an idea sparked.

Driven by the desire to share this game-changing solution with the world, I delved into the intricate process of turning Glo'Guard into a fully-fledged product. Countless hours of research, dedication, and a touch of entrepreneurial spirit later, Glo'Guard is now available to the public through Glo'rific.

With and without Glo'Guard Hands - spray tan hands - orange palms

Glo'rific isn't just about preventing stained palms; it's about empowering you to embrace your glow with confidence. I invite you to join me on this journey, where every accessory is crafted with care, ensuring that your spray tan experience is nothing short of radiant.

Welcome to Glo'rific, where your glow takes center stage, and your palms remain flawless. Here's to confident tans and a radiant you!


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