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Unveiling Glo’guard: Your Solution to Flawless Spray Tans! Keep Spray Tan Off Your Hands!

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Welcome to the world of Glo’rific, where we bring a touch of brilliance to your sun-kissed glow! We are excited to introduce our flagship product, Glo’guard Hands – the ultimate solution to the age-old struggle of avoiding orange palms after a spray tan. At Glo’rific, we believe in empowering everyone to achieve a flawless, radiant tan without the worry of telltale signs on your hands.

The Orange Palms Predicament:

We've all been there – a perfect spray tan ruined by the dreaded orange palms. It's an unfortunate side effect that many tanning enthusiasts have faced. Glo’rific understands this common woe and have dedicated our efforts to solve it with the innovative Glo’guard. No more searching for how to get spray tan off your hands! Prevent it before it happens!

With and without glo'guard hands. How to keep spray tan off your hands

Introducing Glo’guard:

Glo’guard is a revolutionary accessory designed specifically to protect your palms during a spray tan session. Crafted with precision and care, this ergonomically designed disposable pad ensures that your hands remain pristine while achieving that enviable bronzed look. No more awkward hand positions or futile attempts to wash away the telltale signs – Glo’guard has got you covered - literally!

Key Features of Glo’guard:

1. Precision Fit: Glo’guard adheres snugly to your hands, providing a comfortable and secure fit during the entire spray tan application process.

2. Barrier Technology: The material acts as a barrier between the spray tan solution and your palms, preventing any unwanted color transfer.

3. Disposable and Hygenic: Glo’guard is not only effective but also hygienically conscious. Ensure you are not carrying around bacteria from session to session -- or client to client!

4. Snap-Worthy: Get ready for flawless selfies and TikTok-worthy moments, thanks to Glo’Guard and those flawless palms!

Glo'Guard: The Key to Keeping Spray Tan Off Your Hands

With Glo’guard, Glo’rific is redefining the way you approach spray tans. No more compromising on flawless results – embrace the freedom to tan confidently with the assurance that your hands will remain as beautiful as your glow. Visit our online store today and elevate your tanning journey with Glo’rific – where brilliance meets bronzed beauty!

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