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Ditch the Barrier Cream - Elevate Your Spray Tan with Glo'Guard!

When it comes to achieving the perfect spray tan, avoiding orange palms is a universal goal. In the realm of spray tan accessories, Glo’rific introduces its flagship product, Glo’Guard Hands – a disposable foam barrier pad that redefines the game and surpasses traditional barrier creams. Let's explore why Glo’Guard is the must-have accessory for flawless and radiant results.

Ditch the barrier cream - use Glo'Guard Hands

1. Revolutionary Disposable Foam Design:

Glo’Guard Hands introduces a cutting-edge approach to palm protection. Its disposable foam barrier pad not only shields your hands from unwanted tanning effects but also offers a mess-free and convenient solution. No more dealing with messy creams or uneven applications – Glo’Guard’s foam design ensures precision and ease.

2. Tailored for Precision:

The foam barrier pad is carefully crafted to fit the contours of your palms, providing precise coverage without missing any spots. This tailored approach ensures an even and consistent tan, elevating the quality of your spray tan experience.

3. Hygienic and Hassle-Free:

Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning and reapplying barrier creams. Glo’Guard's disposable nature ensures a hygienic application every time. Simply discard the foam pad after use, leaving you with nothing but a flawless tan and no cleanup headaches.

Ditch the barrier cream - use Glo'Guard Hands

4. Comfortable and Lightweight:

Glo’Guard Hands understands the importance of comfort during the tanning process. The lightweight and comfortable foam pad allows you to move freely without the discomfort often associated with heavy or sticky creams.

5. Travel-Friendly Convenience:

Designed with your on-the-go lifestyle in mind, Glo’Guard is travel-friendly and easy to pack. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Glo’Guard’s innovative technology wherever your tanning adventures take you.

Why Barrier Cream for Spray Tans are a Thing of the Past

Glo’Guard Hands sets a new standard in spray tan accessories with its disposable foam barrier pad technology. From precision application to hassle-free disposal, this innovative product from Glo’rific is a game-changer for tan enthusiasts. Elevate your spray tan experience with Glo’Guard Hands and say hello to flawless, orange-free palms every time.

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